For questions about any payments made to OCCPTA, please email Yvette Nelson OCCPTA Financial Secretary at: 

How to mail your remittance:

1. Download and print the remittance form. Updated OCCPTA Unit Remittance Form    (En español, complete el formulario  Autorización de Pago OCCPTA  y envíe su cheque firmado por dos personas autorizadas de PTA).

2. Fill out the remittance form and attach your PTA check. (All checks must have TWO SIGNATURES, check your bylaws to learn who are the check signers ).

3. Make a copy of the filled out remittance form for your records.

4. Mail to remittance form with your PTA check to OCCPTA Financial Secretary. Or bring it to the next council meeting.

For questions about any PTA financial issue, please email Kim Nichols OCCPTA Treasurer at: 

Treasurer Duties:

  1. Keep permanent records that track gross income, receipts and disbursements of the association, including the number of members, dues collected and the total per capita dues remitted through channels to the California State PTA. These records should be available for inspection by an authorized representative of either the California State PTA or National PTA.
  2. Chair the budget committee and prepare the budget for adoption by the association. SamplePTABudget.
  3. Receive all monies from the financial secretary or from other volunteers counting monies received. Treasurer count the monies again using the CashVerification-Blank (1)  Give a receipt. Deposit immediately in the name of the association in a bank approved by the executive board.
  4. Receive and retain a copy of the deposit slip for any deposit made.
  5. Pay all bills as authorized by the executive board or the association and on receipt of payment authorization signed by the president and the recording secretary.
  6. Secure two authorized signatures on all checks. Any two elected officers (with the exception of the secretary and officers related by blood, marriage, or living in the same household) may be authorized to sign checks. Refer to bylaws to determine who is authorized within the unit, council or district PTA.
  7. Keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements in a ledger, which is a permanent record of the PTA (Records Retention Schedule, 5.1.5, 201).
  8. Report expenditures to the membership as they relate to the budget adopted by the association.
  9. Each month, remit portions of per capita dues to OCCPTA.  Updated OCCPTA Unit Remittance Form
  10. Prepare and present a Treasurer’s Report at every association and executive board meeting. The Treasurer’s Report also should be presented at other times, if requested by the association. 
  11. Be responsible for completing and forwarding all necessary report forms required by the California State PTA for insurance and for filing all tax returns and other forms required by government agencies 
  12. Make an Annual Financial Report to the association that includes gross receipts and disbursements for the year.
  13. Maintain continuous and direct communication with the president regarding finances. Advise board members of the status of the treasury and their individual budgets.
  14. Obtain information on proposed programs from program committee chairman.
  15. Become aware of deadlines for all financial transactions.
  16. All treasurers are encouraged to attend the California State PTA convention finance conferences.
  17. Attend council and district PTA workshops and trainings, when scheduled.

Contents of the Treasurer’s File. A complete treasurer’s file should contain the following in a 3-ring binder:

  • All auditors reports
  • Budget
  • Bylaws and standing rules
  • Correspondence
  • District-specific information
  • Employee records, current
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • California State Franchise Tax Board number
  • Annual financial reports
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Remittance forms to OCCPTA
  • Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report
  • National PTA Annual Resources for PTAs,Money Matters
  • California State PTA Toolkit (Section 5, Finance,215-254)
  • Recommendations for successor

Cash Verification  All units should be using the Cash Verification Form for keeping track of PTA funds. The money should be counted by two people who then sign the form. The financial secretary (or treasurer) of your PTA then signs the form when she/he receives the money. All PTA funds should be deposited in the bank immediately or by the next business day.   CashVerification-FillableForm

IRS forms 990, 990/EZ and Schedule A

For PTAs with gross income over $25,000 the previous fiscal year. For PTAs with fiscal year ending June 30th, the filing date is November 15th. Gross income is EVERYTHING deposited into your bank account including interest but not including transfers from a savings account and per caps / Founders Day receipts passed on to Council or District PTA. This is why separation of dues into the unit portion and the council/district/State portion is very important. Access and go to Resources – Forms and Publications.

Workers Compensation Report

This report is due to the State PTA by January 31st of each year. Please allow enough time for it to be sent through council and district channels. All PTAs with employee/contractor salaries on W2 or 1099-MISC forms or neither over $1,000 must compute the additional Workers Comp remittance amount and remit it along with the base premium established each October. Remittances received after December 20th by the State PTA must include the $25.00 late fee.  WorkCompAnnualPayroll-FillableForm

OCCPTA Auditor

A written Auditor’s Report must be presented semiannually to the association after the books and financial records of the association have been audited. If all is in order, the auditor or audit committee should prepare a report, and the auditor and each member of the committee should sign it.

A report must also be submitted by the audit committee in the event that there are not adequate records available to conduct a proper accounting of the association funds. The audit report must be officially adopted by the association. Please check your bylaws for specific months for mid-year and end-of the-year audits.